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Cletus Who?

Cletus Stankton a true visionary and American entrepreneur realized that as America's waistlines have grown, & so have the size of our clogs.  And the regular old toilet plunger was not going to cut the mustard!  He recognized that it was time to think outside the buns and change the toilet plunger and so he took the plunge and did!

He first invented the World Famous Redneck Plunger. The success of the Redneck Plunger officially made Cletus #1 in the #2 business!

From there he has went on to invent other novelty toilet plungers such as the Turd Driver, a funny golf themed toilet plunger.  The Turd Driver is definitely "par for the course!" when it comes to funny toilet plungers.  

People would often ask him, Cletus, why toilet plungers, he would say.....why not!  Why not turn that unsightly task into comedy gold!