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Cletus Stankton made his second national TV appearance, featuring the Redneck Plunger, on Billy Bob's Gags to Riches. Cletus Stankton captured the attention of America with his energetic & dynamic sales style. With the Redneck Punger Cletus Stankton catapulted to fame with his "lighting in a bottle", "gas full throttle" approach...(at least in his mind). In this pilot episode he helped  break the all time ratings record.


Cletus Stankton made his national TV debut on the travel channel show called Truck Stop USA. He was featured along with the redneck plunger in the episode titled, The Mud Run. His dashing good looks quickly earned him a supporting co-star role. It was obvious after this episode aired that America didn't change Cletus Stankton, Cletus Stankton changed America. 





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