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  • Plunge success

    This was a hit at a white elephant gift exchange!!! It got stolen the maximum amount of times. Also we have heard it works well as we have been told.
    By Gregory M. Rowley on January 26, 2016
  • My boyfriend loved his gift

    My boyfriend loved his gift!! And now all his friends want one.. ( he told me he wanted a gun for Xmas,never said what kind)
    By Sarah flynn on January 20, 2016
  • The poo

    Awesome sound effects to accompany the plunger that you get for man who has everything! So excited to give this to my dad! I had to buy an extra one for my husband!
    By Leila L. Canady on November 30, 2015
  • Top 5 Reasons
    for The Turd Driver

    1. Forget the Birde,Sink the Turdie!

    2. The Poo is Through with the Turd Driver!

    3. Is your stink stuck in the drink? Get the Turd Driver!

    4. It's in the hole!... with the Turd Driver!

    5. Don't get Tee'd off with a clogged toilet...Use the Turd Driver!
  • Cletus Stankton's Don't leave home without Products

  • Top 5 Reasons
    for The Redneck Plunger

    1. Your Lincoln Log Made A Stinkin’ Clog.

    2. You Dropped a Deuce & It Wont’ Break Loose.

    3. Your Stool Won’t Leave The Pool.

    4. Your Caboose Let Too Much Loose.

    5. Your Poo Won’t Go Through.